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Custom 4U Blade Chassis Firsts 4U Height Custom Chassis
    • supports up to 10 mini-itx Blades
    • +12v @3A DC power input for each blade
    • 2-4-6-8 standard ide/scsi disks per blade
    • P4-3.xG cpu per blade
    • 2GB of DDR memory per blade
    • pending KVM built into the front panel w/ 7" VGA display

per .. Blade ...... per .. 4U Blade Chassis .. per .. 42U Rack ..
Number-of-CPU one or 2 CPU 10 or 20 CPU 100 or 200 CPU

Amt-of-Memory 2GB 20GB 200GB

Storage-Capacity 4x 3TB
12 TB
40x 30TB
120 TB
400x 300TB
1200 TB

Types of Blades
  • Hot Swappable Blades or cold swap
  • 1U Form factor vs 4"-6"-14" height blades
  • Off-the-Shelf parts or Custom motherboards
  • power supply considerations
  • passive or active backplane considerations

  • Compute Intensive Blades
    • more cpu operations
    • dual, quad cpu per 1U equivalent cpu capacity

  • Storage Blades
    • more disk capacity
    • 4, 6 or 8 drives per 1U equivalent capacity

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